Industrial Design


Designed specifically for children from 5 to 10 years old to enjoy a new style of see-saw which
is visually appealing with bright colors and innovative rotation mechanism. It was inspired by
the way the patella of knee moves.

The idea behind the project is to plant and grow seeds outdoors in a natural but secure environment.

The project is inspired by artichoke plant. Galic follows the structure of the plant, collects the water within its leaves. Its function is to keep the water on top and distribute it during the day. When the plant is ready it is transplanted back to the ground.

One of the features is to absorb the daylight and release it during the night time, keeping the yard lit.


Was specially designed to create awareness of water saving on the planet, to protect our environment.
The structure consists of two containers, one is for water and the other is for soap. To avoid running water the soap can be dispensed by pulling the bottom of Bongua down. This stops the water. To open water again just push the bottom up. Water and soap can not be used at the same time. Even small savings of water consumption can make a big difference.

Bongua is made form recycled PET (RPET) and is 100% recyclable.

Is a packaging for soy sauce bottles designed to be easily carried around. For greater convinience the
pair of sticks acting as a handle, holding the packaging together making the product easily disassembled
and ready to use.


Industrial Design