The Ecordeon

Exterior boxes are arranged on the facade according to the needs of each family.
This way we fulfill functionality requirments of different families and achieve irregular
composition on the facade. Taking in to consideration the number of members of all the
families in the building we position the boxes on the south and west facade accordingly.

The Solution is to have a flexible apartment that can be adjusted to
family’s needs. In following scenarios the place is changing according to the
number of people in the flat.

The furniture
Inspired by Joe Colombo is constructed from cardboard and wood. Inside it contains a bed
and a closet. Doors are made of paper.
It was designed with the idea to separates rooms and organize the space for the family,
looking for something flexible, portable and compact.

Every part of the cardboard needs to be treated with a fire retardant. To stop the cardboard acting like a sponge, a chemical is added to the basic pulp to make it more water-resistant.

The strength is given by the solid card and insulation is provided by the air trapped inside the honeycomb card.

The surfaces of the exterior walls are clad in zinc to act as rainwater protection, with zinc guttering the rainwater which gets collected from the overhanging roof panels.


Create a manageable living environment for
a big family within limited space.
For this project a recycled material

  • cardboard – was chosen as the primary

Co-Housing: Cualtiere feltre
Group Project
Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano


Interior Design, Green Cities 2012, Cardboard